The Miracle Workers - Schloss Bumpliz Bern Switzerland 19.06.1987

01. Mistery girl
02. That ain't me
03. Already gone
04. Have love will travel
05. Lights camera action
06. Teenage head
07. Hey little bird
08. Boss hoss
09. Rock'n'roll revolution in the streets part 2
10. Hung up
11. Without her around
12. Hang up
13. Little doll
14. One step closer to you
15. Go now
16. 1969
17. No fun
18. You don't know
19. I got a right

audience recording with a Sony Walkman Professional
source: mastertape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 69 min.
filesize: 157 mb

get it here



  1. thanks very much for the flac version, but unfortunately when i try to decode it to wav i get error messages like "unparsable stream", or "stream error". :-(

  2. Traders Little Helper Says: "File is truncated or otherwise corrupt" :0

  3. uploaded a new file and tested it, should be ok now...

  4. thanks for the link to my wikipedia article

  5. hello, could you inform the setlist of the show?


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