Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - Dachstock Bern 26.06.2011

audience recording

01. the terror of tinytown
02. john dillinger
03. new feudalism
04. electronic plantation
05. victory stinks
06. fork boy
07. panic land
08. california über alles
09. invasion of the mind snatchers
10. too drunk to fuck
11. three strikes
12. pets eat their master
13. police truck
14. the cells that will not die
15. holiday in cambodia
16. i won't give up

Olympus LS-10 recording in 16/44 wav format to SD card
Audacity volume lowering
CDWav tracksplitting

running time: 1:36.12

mp3 @ 320kbps 208mb
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