The Ex & Brass Unbound - Dampfzentrale Bern Switzerland 30.08.2011

The Ex : Terrie Hessels, Andy Moor, Katherina Bornefeld, Arnold de Baer
Brass Unbound : Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Roy Paci, Wolter Wierbos

01. maybe i was the pilot
02. cold weather is back
03. double order
04. our leaky homes
05. bicycle illusion
06. hidegen fujnak a szelek
07. state of shock
08. eoleyo
09. aha begena
10. 24 problems
11. theme from konono
12. tree float

Olympus LS-10 recording in 16/44 wav format to SD card
Audacity volume lowering
CDWav tracksplitting

running time: 1:30.55

mp3 196mb

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