Sonic Youth - Woolwich Thames Polytechnic 23.03.1985

01. Halloween
02. Death Valley 69
03. I Love Her All The Time
04. Ghost Bitch
05. I'm Insane
06. Brother James (instrumental)
07. Flower (instrumental)
08. The good and the bad

Audience recording

running time 45:40

notes from
"this is one of at least three shows played in london in late march. the band is playing in a college, the crowd is medium, and particularly noisy with a lot of chatter thru the show and not much reactions. the mains set is typical although the last few songs are interesting. it's seems like all the mics were destroyed by the end of the show as the last three songs are instrumental and the band have to talk off-mic to the soundman. after a standard but instrumental version of 'brother james', there is the intro of 'kill yr. idols', but instead kim and bob play what an instrumental jam version of 'flower' for about two minutes. then we can hear thurston saying that they will play 'an instrumental' and there's a rare version of 'the good and the bad', the only known version since 1983, which is actually quiet nice. it closes with about two minutes of bass noises. "

mp3 @320kbps 99mb

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  1. Hi
    Sonic Youth came on stage too late and the sound crew started to pack up their equipment! That's why the last three songs are odd.



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