Lords Of The New Church - Kaufleuten Zürich Switzerland 14.12.1986

01. -Intro-
02. Kiss of death
03. Pretty baby scream
04. Live for today
05. I never believed
06. Mindwarp
07. Open your eyes
08. Livin on livin
09. Dance with me
10. Russian roulette
11. Lords prayer
12. New church
13. Method to my madness
14. Walking the dog
15. The last time

Audience recording

running time 66:18

mp3 320kbps 143mb


  1. Hi, Thanks a lot, is it possible to upload the flac version, please?

  2. leipzig_deathrock25. Januar 2012 um 15:07

    thanks. got it from dime and listening to it right now. nice quality for an audience recording!


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