Marc Almond - Saint Ghetto Festival Dampfzentrale Bern Switzerland 20.11.2011

01. Tears run rings
02. Stories of Johnny
03. You have
04. Melancholy Rose
05. Tenderness is a weakness
06. Mother fist
07. Nijinsky heart
08. Variety
09. Child star
10. The days of Pearly Spencer
11. Jacky
12. A lover spurned
13. Where the heart is
14. The idol
15. Brilliant creatures
16. Something's gotten hold of my heart
17. Bedsitter
18. What!
19. Tainted love
20. I close my eyes and count to ten
21. Ruby red
22. Say hello wave goodbye

audience recording

mp3 205mb


  1. Not a big audience, not a good band but a great Marc!

  2. by the way, thank you very much for the flac!


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