The Residents & Snakefinger - Palladium Geneve Switzerland 21.10.1986

13th anniversary show 


01  Introduction
02  Lizard Lady
03  Semolina
04  Hello Skinny
05  Constantinople
06  Jailhouse Rock
07  Where Is She?
08  Picnic in the Jungle
09  Smelly Tongues
10  Eloise
11  Ship's A'Going Down
12  The New Machine (cut)
13  I Got Rhythm (fade in)
14  Passing the Bottle
15  Monkey and Bunny
16  Theme From An American TV Show
17  It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World
18  Walter Westinghouse
19  Easter Woman
20  Amber
21  Red Rider
22  Die In Terror
23  The Coming of the Crow
24  Eva's Warning
25  The Coming of the Crow
26  The Big Bubble
27  Hop A Little

audience recording with a Sony WM-DC6 Walkman Professional
source: mastertape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 84 min.

mp3 188mb
flac 371mb 


  1. Thank you so much !!!!

  2. Thanks very much for sharing this! Any info on the transfer lineage?
    Best wishes,
    baandbytter on(@) gmail dot(.) com

  3. Great blog. Tank for all his intereting music.

  4. wow this is a jewel for me. i saw them just once this year (2013), possibly their last tour.


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