The Gun Club - Kaufleuten Zürich Switzerland 10.12.1987

audience recording
source: bootleg tape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 65 min.
filesize: 150 mb

mp3 320kbps 150mb


  1. Thanks again ! The FLAC version would be more than highly appreciated ... Keep up the good work here

  2. Da war ich scheinbar auch! Kann mich aber kaum erinnern ... Merci vielmals

  3. I'm only able to get 7 minutes of the Flac file in audacity, but when I play it in Exhail(linux), I'm able to play the whole track(65minutes)...weird. I burn whole file and only got 7 minutes on cdr, but was recognized as 65 minutes when I added to burn program...weird. Anyone else having this problem? I've downloaded this 2 times. Not sure what the problem is.

    Thanks for all the great recordings.

  4. i have no problem opening the flac in audacity... maybe something went wrong during the upload, gonna upload it again tonight.

  5. I too have problems with the flac-version. Audacity can't open the file, and FLAC frontend can't decode the file. So I downloaded the mp3-file, it works and sounds good.
    Thanks for all the shows.


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