The Miracle Workers - Dachstock Bern Switzerland 21.04.1988

01. Dirt
02. Looking at you
03. Lights camera action
04. 69 ways
05. Already gone
06. It's not mine
07. She came to stay
08. That ain't me
09. Slow death
10. Teenage head
11. Little doll
12. She's got a patron saint
13. Rock'n'roll revolution in the streets part 2
14. Go now
15. Search and destroy

audience recording with a Sony WM-DC6 Walkman Professional

source: mastertape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 59 min.
filesize: 137mb

get it here



  1. thanks very much !! Is it possible to post this and the other Miracle Workers Show from 1987 in FLAC Format ? That would be really cool !! :-))

  2. I second Elling's wish for FLAC versions of both MW shows. Thanks a lot for sharing all these recordings!

  3. sorry to complain again, but: These Files seem have a bitrate of odd 1058 kb/s, which is very unusual. It is impossible to burn them to audio dvd, nor does it work to downsample them.
    I get error messages all the time, no matter what i am trying to do :-(

  4. well i'm not a expert in burning and bitrates and stuff but have you noted that the flacs are 24bit, maybe thats the problem, if you convert them to 16bit could that maybe solve your problem ?

  5. yes, i know that the files are 24 bit, the other MW show from 1987 works fine for me, but in this case neither downsampling nor burning to audio dvd works for me. All your other FLAC uploads i heard so far(thanks very much btw.) had a bitrate of 2116 kb/s, but this one is only 1058 kb/s. Maybe that's the Problem ? Did other readers of this Blog had a similar experience ? :-)

  6. Damn it, Mr. Swiss Tapes, I'm just finally listening to this gig, damn it, we were pretty rockin' that night!

  7. hello, could you inform the setlist of the show?


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