Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - Dachstock Bern Switzerland 04.09.2011

Guitar: Caspar Brötzmann
Bass: Eduardo Delgado Lopez
Drums: Danny Arnold Lommen

audience recording

Olympus LS-10 recording with internal mics in 16/44 wav format to SD card
Audacity volume raise
CDWav tracksplitting

running time: 1:13.43

mp3 160mb


  1. Where do you keep your LS-10 when stealth taping a rock/punk concert with the internal mics? And what settings do you use? (mic sensitivity? auto or manual levels? etc.)

    I'm getting an LS-5 soon and won't have time to test it before going to an important concert so I'd be very glad for any advice...


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