Alien Sex Fiend - Sir George Robey London 04.10.1986

quote from the alien sex fiend official website:
"...once Nik had found out that he was related to Sir George, the venue owners were desperate for Alien Sex Fiend to play there & this happened in October 1986 when ASF premiered their forthcoming single "Smells Like..." & other songs from "It The Album" prior to their release to a completely sold out crowd. The number of fans who turned up & couldn't get in was so high that the venue owners agreed to leave the back doors open with the blessing of Mr Plod (i.e. the cops) so that the massed fans blocking the road outside could at least hear the band play & by doing this a riot was averted!"

audience recording with a Sony WM-DC6 Walkman Professional
source: mastertape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 131 min. !!!
filesize: 300 mb

get it here


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