The Cassandra Complex - Dolce Vita Lausanne 25.10.1986

01. Report From the Back
02. Presents (Come of Age)
03. Clouds
04. Wonderworld
05. Power
06. Motherad
07. Prairie Bitch
08. Datakill (Fades Out)

soundboard recording?
source: bootleg tape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 42 min.
filesize: 97 mb

mp3 95mb
flac 214mb


  1. hey!
    I was looking for guest book but i don't found it. so i decided to ask here... sorry! do you have any Jack And The Rippers or Vanilla Muffins shows in FLAC? Do you have some more Kortatu or Berurier N. shows in FLAC?? waiting for your reply and sorry for this comment ;) cheers mate!

  2. Hi! Excellent place you have here, really nice selection:)
    I couldn´t find an email to ask you for the FLAC versions of the Cassandra Complex and Gun Club concerts, so I do it here. Please?


  3. Thank you very much for the flacs!


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