Christian Death - Meerhaus Bern Switzerland 25.10.1986

01 As Evening Falls 03:25
02 This Glass House 03:40
03 Sleepwalk 04:37
04 Face 03:41
05 When I Was Bed 04:08
06 The Wind Kissed Pictures 05:08
07 Between Youth 03:28
08 Believers Of The Unpure 04:48
09 Gloomy Sunday 03:32
10 Chimère de-ci de-là 04:48
11 Will O' The Wisp 03:11
12 Strapping Me Down 02:52
13 The Loving Face 04:31
14 Venenum 04:23
15 announcement 01:41
16 Strange Fortune 06:07
17 Ventriloquist [extended version] 09:41

audience recording with a Sony WM-DC6 Walkman Professional
source: mastertape>flac>mp3 320kbps
running time: 73 min.

mp3 320kbps 161mb
flac 481mb


  1. Hi, jeje nice thanks i love rozz

  2. can you post the flacs somewhere? thanks!!

  3. hi lars
    check out the flac link i've posted, hope it works

  4. Can't be Rozz singing, really, right?

    Anyway, thanks for this and particularly the flacs!

  5. Hello Swiss Tapes, what an awesome recording, crystal clear!! I hope you don't mind posting elsewhere? I will supply a tracklist as soon as I have it complete. And this definitely isn't Rozz singing (as shown on the picture), but Valor.

  6. It is in fact Rozz singing. Compare this vocal to Rozz's vocals on Catastrophe Ballet & Ashes; they're the same.

  7. "It is in fact Rozz singing. Compare this vocal to Rozz's vocals on Catastrophe Ballet & Ashes; they're the same."

    Sorry pal, that is most definitely Valor singing. It doesn't sound like Rozz at all.

    Not to mention that Rozz was no longer a part of Christian Death in 1986.

  8. Igor. Indeed. I find it by turns amusing and sad that more than half the people who slate Valor have absolutely no clue about the history of Christian Death at all. This is Valor with 100% certainty. Rozz had already left the band in 1985, and eleven of the songs presented here are tracks that he had absolutely nothing to do with. Much of this set is culled from "The Wind Kissed Pictures", "Believers of the Unpure" and "Atrocities", all of which were recorded after Rozz' departure. "Venenum" later appeared on the LP "Insanus...", whilst "The Loving Face" was the B-Side to "Sick of Love". Presumably, if "Anonym" had known this was Valor, he would have pretended not to like it! Anyway, thanks to the poster for this great show.


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